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America’S Got Talent Besetzung

America’S Got Talent Besetzung Unbequem. Unkonventionell. Unangepasst.

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America’S Got Talent Besetzung Video

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America’S Got Talent Besetzung - Unbequem. Unkonventionell. Unangepasst.

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. After they conclude, the audience and panelists vote for their favorite using an electronic device, and the contestant with the fewest votes must take off their mask to reveal their identity.

The "golden mask trophy" is awarded as a prize. All masked singers occasionally perform as a group during a non-voting performance.

Since the second season, the series has also featured a "smackdown" round in some episodes in which the two competitors with the fewest votes from their first performances sing one after another on the same stage with a second vote occurring, and the performer with the fewest votes is then eliminated.

In addition to the singing competition, hints to each masked singer's identity—known as the "clue package"—are offered before and occasionally after each performance.

They feature taped interviews with celebrities' electronically masked voices and cryptic allusions to what they are known for.

To confuse panelists and viewers, red herrings are also included. The panelists are given time to speculate the identity of each singer after they perform and before their elimination.

They are also allowed to ask questions or request that the host offer additional clues. Each episode concludes with the eliminated celebrity singing an encore unmasked.

Since signing a deal with Fox in , Cannon had been offered multiple opportunities to host or produce other TV shows, though none interested him.

After being fascinated by the Masked Singer concept and noticing its success in other countries, Cannon joined the show, believing it was "either going to be a huge failure or a huge hit".

Jeong was the first panelist to be signed on to the series due to his humour and pre-existing knowledge of the South Korean version, followed by McCarthy Wahlberg and Thicke, respectively, due to their enthusiasm regarding the concept, and Scherzinger for her positivity and experience as a singer.

The show's producers reach out to celebrities via agents or vice versa. Lesser-known celebrities are favored the same as "super big names" because it is harder to guess them.

Before each of the participants is unmasked, the show's staff undertakes significant security precautions to prevent their identities from leaking.

After the celebrities have been confirmed to appear on the show, they are allowed to inform a few others who also sign one. To prevent their identities from being released in the event of a leak or hack, all documents except the contract only list the celebrities' code or costume name.

The contract does give their real name, however, the series's name— The Masked Singer —is unlisted.

Before arriving on the show's set, participants and their family, friends, and agents are disguised and typically driven from a neutral location.

The series's security team is about the same size as its production crew and all are tasked with keeping the contestants as isolated from each other as possible.

The series's costumes are designed by Emmy Award -winner Marina Toybina. In addition to her own ideas, Toybina considers using what fans of the program have said online to formulate initial concepts or heed a celebrity's request.

Producers then decide which designs will be featured during a season and present participants with several to select from. Beginning as a wire, foam is gradually added around each mask to create an easy-to-wear helmet shape for the performers.

Due to time constraints, a maximum of two fittings are conducted with each celebrity at either the costume shop or Toybina's personal studio [69] in which the costumes are tested with a vocal coach present to be sure they can sing and hear clearly.

James Pearse Connelly designed the series's set based on the Thai version of the show. Wanting to create a more comedic look than other reality competition programs, Connelly said he was inspired by the stage designs of electronic dance music festivals.

The front is X-shaped and features an LED interior allowing for video to be played enclosed with smoked , tinted glass , while the back is made of shiny black laminate and contains space for trap doors and special effects underneath.

The performance floor is flat to prevent tripping hazards and is bordered upstage by two foot-tall 7. A curved LED screen spans the space between the two faces and a large logo of the show is hung above it.

The stage is surrounded by three fixed camera positions and almost seats for audience members, with the panelists seated together behind them on a raised platform at a mask-shaped desk.

There is also a backstage area with costumes displayed like mannequins in a museum. Each celebrity attends one or two voice-over sessions to record audio for their respective clue packages.

Due to the length and varying filming locations of the video component, however, stand-ins are used to give them additional performance practice time.

Before the competition begins, several vocal coaches and choreographers work with the celebrities for multiple days to determine their strengths and help improve their technique.

Kandi Burruss , the winner of the third season, stated she spent time jogging in place at her house while wearing "a ski mask and a hockey mask As filming begins, the studio audience is seated next to the stage and a warm-up comedian tells jokes to loosen them up.

They are encouraged to act excited by clapping, cheering, and chanting the names of the costumes enthusiastically while the production crew records their reactions for later use.

Shortly thereafter, the panelists arrive, and the host introduces the first contestant. The clue package plays on the large screen in the studio, and the panelists may choose to write down observations in their individual binders.

After each celebrity sings, their performance is conducted again with background singers only, allowing producers to film additional audience reactions.

Thicke noted that guessing is a challenge for the panelists due to sound issues in the studio often obscuring celebrities' voices and that it takes multiple performances for them to catch on to who the celebrity might be.

Plestis said the panelists' guesses are heavily edited due to their extensiveness and that they are discouraged from researching possible answers to the clues presented to them between the filming of episodes.

Before the celebrity with the least votes takes off their mask, the producers film the entire studio audience acting out how they would react to the moment, with less than two dozen "extremely well-vetted" people either friends and family of the celebrity or some of the show's production crew remaining in the audience during the reveal.

Blue Ant Entertainment , a Southeast Asian pay TV channel, is scheduled to begin broadcasting the third season the following month.

Episodes are available for streaming in the United States on Hulu , Fox's website, and the Fox Now app through video on demand.

The series—which is one of the network's youngest-skewing—has been simulcasted by CTV in Canada since its second season.

Numeris conducts audience measurement in the country and releases weekly average viewership numbers including seven-day DVR playback. With 1.

According to Bell Media , "it showed, in an almost unprecedented way, growth every half-hour" of its broadcast. In addition to being the second most-watched broadcast of the week, it was the most-watched Super Bowl lead-out program in the country since The Voice in The show has received a mixed reception from critics despite their recognition of its impact on television.

The website's critical consensus states, "Defying all tropes of the reality competition genre, The Masked Singer manages to be both magnetically apocalyptic and inexplicably boring.

The show has been noted for its positive nature. Hank Stuever of The Washington Post felt it was family-friendly and "television at its simplest and most genius".

The show has also been compared favorably to other reality TV programs. Entertainment Weekly ' s Joseph Longo considered it the most captivating competition series since The Voice premiered in , [94] and Stuart Heritage of The Guardian called it one of the best singing competition shows in a decade.

Reviews were more critical when referring to the status of celebrities competing. Rob Harvilla of The Ringer was displeased with the contestants due to them either being stars of decades past or only having a thin connection to an actual celebrity, [] and Los Angeles Times ' TV critic Lorraine Ali stated that the celebrities of low distinction who participate on the program lose all dignity while performing.

However, the concept was considered unorthodox and question-provoking. With both traditional Hollywood celebrities and reality show stars participating on the program, Malcolm Venable of TV Guide indicated that the hierarchies of fame are no longer as defined as they once were.

The program's performance value has garnered mixed reviews. Stating that its costumes and voice modulation are what make it great, LaToya Ferguson of Uproxx thought other series should use them as well if they want to achieve the same level of success.

Many felt the production value could be higher. Noting that some of the same audience members appear in multiple episodes, VanArendonk questioned if an entire season is filmed as fast as possible and whether celebrities only participate if guaranteed production lasts for a few days maximum.

The series's panelists have received negative reviews from critics, with many condemning them for spoiling the show with distracting statements.

The former felt the panelists were unfit to be critiquing singers and paid little attention to the clues or performances [] and the latter thought that Cannon—despite his experience—was overshadowed by the presence and commentary of McCarthy Wahlberg.

Bundel said the panelists were C-listers and only employed by the show to make its viewers think highly of their own guesses.

The series is discussed on multiple podcasts and has generated its own thread on Reddit where avid fans of the show extensively analyze the clues presented during an episode in an attempt to decode them.

The show has also been credited with reinvigorating the costume genre of television; interest in adapting other costume-centered series such as Wild Things and Sexy Beasts has increased around the world since it premiered.

Plestis said the series's success demonstrated that different reality TV ideas can work, and former Fox executive Mike Darnell felt the show proved the reality "genre still has a lot of life in it".

The series was the first in the Masked Singer franchise to air outside of Asia and its success has been attributed to subsequent local adaptations.

Wade has described a shift in the way shows are pitched since the series premiered, noting there is an increased openness to new ideas.

He also said the heads of almost all TV networks thanked him for the series giving them a " carte blanche " to take new programming risks and that more direct relationships between Asian production companies and American networks have formed as a result of the show.

Due to the impact of the COVID pandemic on television , Fox pushed back the premieres of some scripted series to late and opted to create The Masked Singer: After the Mask as one of two shows—along with Celebrity Watch Party —that could be produced remotely to fill the programming gap.

During an episode, he discusses the outcome of the preceding Masked Singer episode from a "virtual stage" with celebrity guests appearing via videotelephony.

A final performance from the eliminated celebrity is featured at the end of each episode, which are directed by Tom Sullivan and executive produced by James Breen, Plestis, and Cannon.

The series premiere received a 1. Television announced that they had ordered a spin-off series, The Masked Dancer , with Ellen DeGeneres as executive producer.

He then called Ellen producers to seek their collaboration in transforming the segment into a series. Originally scheduled for mid, the tour was later postponed to the following year due to the impact of the COVID pandemic.

The series has an online store where hoodies, coffee mugs, and phone cases, among others using the show's branding, are available for purchase.

The microphone will include a voice-changing feature and be sold at retail later in the year. After being worn during a season, the costumes are placed in storage and occasionally taken out for display.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American reality singing competition television show. Fox Corporation Propagate Content. I turned around and all the diners were watching the TV screen.

I saw a kangaroo in black pleather singing a pop song. At that moment I said, oh my gosh, I love this! It was bizarre I found out that it was a hit format in Korea, it was a hit show in Thailand.

And no one had the [U. Archived from the original on November 2, August 28, Archived from the original on April 20, — via The Futon Critic.

January 7, The Masked Singer. Season 1. Episode 3. January 16, Episode 4. January 23, Episode 7. February 13, Episode 8.

February 20, Episode February 27, Season 2. Episode 6. November 6, November 13, November 20, Episode 9. December 4, December 10, Season 3.

Episode 1. February 2, Episode 2. February 5, February 12, Episode 5. February 26, March 4, March 18, March 25, April 8, April 22, April 29, May 6, May 13, TV Formats.

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And future cycles of The Masked Singer. Archived from the original on April 21, Gold Derby. Archived from the original on April 17, Archived from the original on February 20, January 29, Archived from the original on March 3, USA Today.

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Archived from the original on October 26, Archived from the original on March 28, Archived from the original on December 16, Archived from the original on May 22, Archived from the original on December 22,

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America’S Got Talent Besetzung

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It was the second international adaptation of the programme, after the American version. There is also a children version of the same show, Holos.

The Voice is a reality television series that features four coaches looking for a talented new artist, who could become a global superstar.

The show's concept is indicated by its title: the coaches do not judge the artists by their looks, personalities, stage presence or dance routines—only their vocal ability.

The competitors are split into four teams, which are mentored by the coaches who in turn choose songs for their artists to perform.

There is no specific age range and anyone can audition; if a coach likes what they hear, a button-press allows their chair to spin around and face the performer, signifying that they would like to mentor them.

If more than one does so, then the artist selects a coach. However, if no coach turns around then the artist is sent home.

There are five different stages: producers' auditions, Blind auditions, Battle phase, Knockout stage and live shows.

Sergey Babkin — Svyatoslav Vakarchuk — Oleksandr Ponomariov —, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tina Karol , —. Potap Singer, — Duo, NK Duo, —.

Ivan Dorn , Sergey Lazarev Tamara Gverdtsiteli Oleh Skrypka — Diana Arbenina — Stas Piekha Olha Freimut The Voice Ukraine.

The Voice Kids Ukraine. The Voice. Filming began on 15 January The winner was declared on 22 April This grand finale followed the same format as the one: acts were eliminated in pairs, as well as each judge picking their favorite act to reappear on the show once more.

Mark Vincent won the season, while Jal Joshua became the runner-up. On the grand finale, international opera singer and winner of Britain's Got Talent series one, Paul Potts performed live in the studio.

The fourth season of Australia's Got Talent returned on 13 April The show was revamped to look more like Britain's Got Talent , in terms of the stage and the shape of the X's used.

The opening was also changed to look similar to Britain's Got Talent ' s opening, with Australian landmarks instead of British landmarks.

Previously, the Australia's Got Talent opening was simply a display of the title. The live shows began on 11 May and ended on 15 June , where dance troupe Justice Crew were crowned the winners.

The fifth season of Australia's Got Talent returned on 3 May These auditions began in Gold Coast on 19 February , followed by three days in Melbourne from 25 February The season was won by year-old singer Jack Vidgen.

Auditions began in October and concluded in December The winner was singer Andrew de Silva with country rock band, The Wolfe Brothers becoming the runner-up.

Auditions began in March and concluded in June On 8 July , Nine announced that the show would be returning in for an eighth season.

For the first time, it will now include the Golden Buzzer. It has been confirmed the series has yet again been cancelled. In December , Seven Network announced that the series would return in to their network for a ninth season, after a three-year hiatus.

Unlike previous seasons, there was no public voting at the semi-final stage. In the final, the judges chose a top four, which was then chosen by SMS votes from viewers in the eastern states.

The final was pre-recorded, with four different endings filmed, one for each of the four possible winners.

The winner of the season was pole dancer Kristy Sellars. In October , Seven announced the series would be returning in , however in the format of The Champions which will feature a variety of participants from across the Got Talent franchise - winners, finalists, live round participants, and other notable entries - competing against each other to secure a place in a grand final and a chance to win a cash prize.

In March , the series was delayed as a health and safety precaution to the COVID pandemic , as such during production there would be no international acts or an audience, a resume date has yet to be given.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Seven Network —12, Nine Network , Red Symons — Dannii Minogue — Tom Burlinson — Brian McFadden — Kyle Sandilands — Geri Halliwell Dawn French Timomatic Kelly Osbourne Sophie Monk Eddie Perfect Nicole Scherzinger Shane Jacobson Lucy Durack Manu Feildel Sonia Kruger right side Main article: Australia's Got Talent season 3.

Main article: Australia's Got Talent season 4. Main article: Australia's Got Talent season 5. Main article: Australia's Got Talent season 6.

Main article: Australia's Got Talent season 7. Main article: Australia's Got Talent season 8. Main article: Australia's Got Talent season 9.

Archived from the original on 9 July Retrieved 9 July If Magazine. TV Tonight. Retrieved 14 July Seven Network.

Retrieved 3 February Retrieved 6 June The Australian. Sydney: News Limited. Archived from the original on 3 November Herald Sun.

Retrieved 2 August Australia: Yahoo! Archived from the original on 5 October Retrieved 30 September The Sydney Morning Herald.

Retrieved 1 May Retrieved 2 March Archived from the original on 13 June

America’S Got Talent Besetzung -

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